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Confined to a single screen, Macrodepression has you live through a most boring existence on a loop. Inside the four crippling walls of a tiny bedroom, you can pass the time by browsing the net, popping antidepressants, and lying in bed despite not being able to sleep. It’s a microgame (the “macro” in the title cleverly implying that it’s the entire experience of depression) that rapidly and deliberately becomes tedious in order to drive you away from it. You will not want to play the game any longer after just a minute of enduring it.

Macrodepression captures the feeling of being trapped between four walls - Kill Screen - Videogame Arts & Culture.

I’ll have to play this, but based on the description, I’m not actually sure that it presents a very realistic picture of depression. Maybe for some people, which is valid. But depression isn’t just about sitting in your room all day. It’s also about having to smile and nod at work and school, and about sitting by the pool watching your family have fun and being somehow unable to join in, and about someone saying something rude to you on the subway and that suddenly ruining your entire day.

But of course, a simulation can never be “realistic” per se, it can only convey similar emotions as the actual experience.

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