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I guess I could never quite buy into the DBT-style “feel your feelings”/”just learn to sit with the emotions for a while” thing. What if I don’t have time? What if I need to do things? What if I need to go to work go to class clean do errands keep my promises make food take showers? And that’s the bare minimum, the things I MUST do rather than the things I want to do in order for my life to be something more than just a series of tasks.

I don’t have time to sit around and cry and “feel my feelings” every day for hours, so I have to look elsewhere for the techniques that’ll help me cope with depression.

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    I don’t want to feel my feelings I want to kill them with fire. CBT takes a bit of that attitude which I like.
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    yeah, starting to “feel your feelings” sucks, and seems like it will take hours, but it’s actually just a few difficult...
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