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re: previous triggers post

there are a lot of people who can’t tag triggers for whatever reason, and that’s fine. There is nothing morally wrong with not tagging triggers IMO, even if your only reason is “I don’t want to”


  • crazy people are allowed to be in public
  • crazy people are allowed to be visibly crazy in public
  • there is no requirement to pass as neurotypical
  • even if not doing so makes people uncomfortable or inconveniences them
  • crazy people are allowed to ask for things that would make their lives easier, just as other people have the right to say no
  • crazy people have the right to remove themselves from situations that hurt them, just like everyone else does
  • crazy people should be able to have lives that are just as rich and full as neurotypicals’ lives are, and part of that involves being allowed to goddamn use the Internet

and if you disagree with those things you suck as a person

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