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"Wait…fit people have rolls too??!"

Yes, yes they do

Reblogging this not only because it’s what we people need to hear but also because I’m in love with this room.


Probs not the same person

Yes u r so right. I took a picture of myself on the top and then photoshopped my sports bra and top of my spandex and scar on my stomach onto someone else’s stomach and then my pillowcase and sheets and wall just to make this post to trick all these ppl!!!!!! wow u caught me in the act red handed what shall I ever do now!!!????!

This reminds me of a wonderful book a friend got for me, The Nu Project.

The Nu Project shows women’s bodies as they really are, rather than women’s bodies photoshopped into an unrealistic “beauty standard”.

One of these days I plan to participate <3

Oh my gosh, this is very similar to how I look, except I’m a little curvier. It’s nice to see bodies similar to mine.

(via magusworkshop)

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