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Labels help us to find other people with whom we resonate. How many dating sites would people bother with if you couldn’t use labels to tell prospective dates that you identify as: male, female, (on more enlightened sites, there are more gender options), Jewish, Neopagan, Christian, atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. African-American, White, Asian, Native American, etc. smoker, non-smoker, and so on. Those labels are crucial if people are to find dates with the sort of people who “ring their bell” and try to form intimate partnerships with them. Imagine trying to find a date on a site where all the people were just randomly jumbled together.

Labels help us to find groups with which we click. I wouldn’t be studying Morse code right now if I weren’t able to label myself as a ham operator and find other people who also call themselves hams. I would have missed out on a lot of great friendships if people from the Rainbow Family refused to use labels and didn’t call themselves Rainbows. People use labels all the time when they are seeking groups with which to associate.

Labels help us to understand ourselves better. Yes, they are a sort of heuristic — a short-hand and reductionist way to identify things that doesn’t encapsulate the entirety of who and what a person is — but they are so useful. A woman who notices her stomach getting bigger and bigger is comforted by remembering that she is pregnant. Pregnant is a label. When I get frustrated that I have to slowly reason out people’s words and actions and cannot interpret them immediately and on-the-fly, it comforts me to remember that I am Autistic. Autistic is a label.

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