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Good evening :3 I've just seen a post you shared 'bout dating and introversion, and it ressonated with a feeling I've been having about relationships and assexuality. Would you be avaliable to have a conversation about the possible intersections between the two things? I'm grateful in advance for the attention ^,^

Sure! For what it’s worth, I’ve at times identified as demisexual, so maybe that’s another reason we’re having similar feelings about it. I’m not sure if I still identify that way, but I do know that sexual attraction is kinda weird for me and I usually need to know someone pretty well to be sexually attracted to them.

We can talk however; here or fanmail or other social media. I’m just posting this publicly in case it stirs up similar thoughts for other people too.

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    Facebook is good - and more social justice in my feed is always welcome :3
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    Cool. Do you use Facebook? You can add me on there (I can PM you my profile) if you won’t mind the sudden drastic...

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