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Okay I was brought to your blog by a reblogged post Of yours stating“There’s no universal definition of a slut, because a slut is when someone else’s sexual behavior makes you uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s just something we call people when we aren’t getting laid ourselves" I'm just saying I don't know if you care or not especially sense you obviously have different views judging by your blog a slut is originally labeled only 2 ways having sex out of wed lock or sex without emotion.

Noooo, not at all. A woman who has sex with a serious boyfriend she loves and with nobody else ever would not be labeled a slut by many people, except perhaps batshit fundamentalist Christians. Also, someone who never even has sex but fools around with lots of people can be labeled a slut.

And also, it’s the case that having sex out of wedlock and having sex “without emotion” (what the hell does that even mean? doesn’t describe anyone I know) makes people uncomfortable, which is WHY they feel the need to demean people (read: women) with that word.

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