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my actual writing, if you're curious

Shit I need to write:

- that fucking Buzzfeed privilege quiz
- that fucking scene where they discuss rape in Perdido Street Station
- the ethics of shaming people online in order to protect yourself
- that fucking thing where people jump to demanding solutions without having taken the time to understand the problem and listen to those affected by it
- can evolutionary psychology be good science?
- can you criticize Islam without being Islamophobic?
- that study that shows that young women think male violence is just normal
- that study about the personality traits of online trolls
- that study about how having a partner idealize you can harm the relationship
- that study about how marginalized people appreciate hearing messages of social change more than messages of social support but “allies” are more likely to give message of social support
- that study about _______

Now imagine trying to think about all this shit at the same time and you have my brain. No wonder I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed like all of the time. :P

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    Cards Against Humanity is best played as an extremely dark comedy game where “horrified laughter” wins hands.
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    how this progressive plays and enjoys Cards Against Humaniy misogyny and monogamy in China Mieville’s The Scar
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