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I’m going to say something super unpopular: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE FRIENDS WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU POLITICALLY. There. You’re not a worse person if you don’t have friends who think you’re going to hell or who think you don’t deserve basic human rights. You’re not a bad skeptic. You…

Of course! That’s the solution to everything! Why have people around you that disagree, and challenge you to step outside your own thoughts, and see reality? Why associate with people of different viewpoints? Learning the truth from others is much worse than staying in your own bubble, where YOUR narrative is all that matters.

It’s so convenient when you don’t reblog someone’s full post, and entirely miss the part that said: “You can read those people’s blogs or debate with them in comments sections or talk to them at parties. You do NOT need to be their FRIENDS.”

Does reading blogs and debating online and talking at parties just NOT COUNT? I have to consider these people friends and invite them to my fucking birthday party?

Get outta here.

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    I keep leaving this way more and more. Some people really irk me with their rhetoric. I keep thinking that I can engage...
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    wait i just found your “professional fun-ruiner” (dat title tho) post on the same subject, and that covered all my...
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    Yeah, I keep hearing people say “I have friends from all over the political and ideological spectrum!” like it’s...
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    Yea, when the person’s beliefs do things like express that you are less than human and aren’t deserving as the same...
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