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So I’ve started a secular mental health support group on Facebook! It’s been like less than a day and it’s already got almost 90 members.

Unfortunately, we can only let in people who we (the admins) know personally, or who have mutual friends with us who can vouch for them, or a friend in the group who can vouch for them. This is just to keep us as safe as possible from the nasty elements of the atheist movement.

If you want to join and know me either IRL or on Facebook, OR have an established record of interacting with me on Tumblr, please either inbox me or email HelpWithoutHeaven[at] I want to try to get as many people in here as I can, because it’s already turning out to be a really lovely, supportive space. :)

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    For my atheist friends who maybe could use a space like this :D
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