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my actual writing, if you're curious


my mental health policy class has closed-book online quizzes and we MAY NOT study with others

that has to be the holy grail of stupid and pointless. IN THE JOB WORLD you guise there is no wikipedia, there are no colleagues to consult with, you are ON YOUR OWN in a windowless box being quizzed by an unseen authority, whose voice permeates your very skull, what is crisis theory, what is crisis theory, and it knows, it knows your very thoughts, it knows when you recall the day you spoke with your friends about it, and it takes that memory and burns it, laughing, you may not have thisyour friends cannot help you now, I am a social worker sorry this is just what it’s like in the work worldthis is how you social a work

there is nothing about traditional academia that meshes with social work


THIS IS AN APPLIED SKILL FIELD now memorize these facts from books

YOU MUST READ BOOKS AND ARTICLES TO STAY CURRENT sorry you can’t use them when you need to reference tho

CULTURAL COMPETENCE AND WAYS OF KNOWING but only evidence-based practice

THERE ARE MANY WAYS OF KNOWING but there is only one textbook, so

YOUR PRACTICE IS SHIT UNLESS IT HAS EVIDENCE BACKING ITS EFFECTIVENESS here are standardized tests and paperwork to prove you have learned things

TUNE IN TO YOUR CLIENT AND THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THEMSELVES unless you can’t find literature backing it

INFORMED CONSENT IS KEY we can see everything you’re doing on the course site

YOU HAVE TO STAY CURRENT here are twelve readings from 1984

INFORMED CONSENT IS KEY unless we want to use your picture for promotional materials

INFORMED CONSENT IS KEY unless we want to change the curriculum, oh sorry you can’t make the committee that only meets during work hours? Don’t worry, we throw away their recommendations anyway

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    THIS. ALL OF THIS. My biggest issues with social work education and grad school, especially where developing countries...
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