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A collection of thoughts about psychology, social justice, and anything else I give a shit about.

Topics: feminism / psychology / lgbtq / sex / politics / abortion / health / mental illness / language / depression / sexism / sexual assault / fashion / racism / education / social justice

my actual writing, if you're curious



  • Welcome to my blog.
  • "My" is the operative word.
  • I post about stuff and news and shit.
  • "Yeah, mostly shit!" say some of you.
  • Which is fine, but again, this is my blog.
  • There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  • Et cetera, et cetera.
  • Thanks for reading!

Reblogging because I would’ve totally written the same thing about my own blog. :P

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    Go on, try to tell me everyone understands that, that nobody ever needs that explained in detail.
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    This is implicit in every blog, comic, or published product out there.
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  10. fedoriarty said: So many people forget that they don’t have license to control what other people want to share on their own blogs. It makes for some interesting (and laughable) hate-mail. Thanks for posting the stuff you do.
  11. bornaruffian said: One my favorites out there!
  12. a-sassination said: Get down with your bad self! If ppl don’t like it, that’s what the unfollow button is for.

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