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tumblr’s social justice bloggers have totally destroyed my ability to have fun ever

"i can’t have fun unless i’m actively harming and oppressing people"

"empathy is a total buzzkill”

"the knowledge of the depth and extent of human suffering is too heavy a burden for my fragile mind and every time I am confronted with it I go into a depressive spiral that sucks every drop of joy from my miserable existence for weeks"

"I have an overactive guilt complex and tend to assume every time someone says something is unethical it actually is, so I spend a lot of time feeling guilty about enjoying Rule 63 fanfic and being attracted to chubby people and liking Frozen and reblogging pictures of girls taking their shirts off" 

Actually, “the knowledge of the depth and extent of human suffering” definitely seems like a legitimate thing to be depressed about, and if you need to not think about it sometimes (or ever) in order to maintain your mental health, then please, maintain your mental health.

That said, I do resent the implication that Tumblr Social Justice Bloggers as a group are Ruining Things for everyone. Some probably are, but I don’t really know them personally so I can’t confirm or deny that. Personally, I try to have fun with my writing, treat people with empathy as much as I can, and teach and learn some shit in the process.

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    "I am literally incapable of making jokes unless I am doing it at someone’s expense"
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