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Let’s switch fields and talk a little bit about Miley Cyrus. Miley was raised by Disney, in an industry that tried to put her into a box. She grew up being, and constantly portraying, her innocent and sweet character of Hannah Montana. However, Hannah Montana was just that — a character. She now has been able to grow up, shape her own image, and follow her passions (as opposed to some script handed to her to keep audiences happy and money flowing). In response to her blossoming into individualism, listeners and viewers have completely labeled Cyrus as some promiscuous, insane, and overly sexualized being. Why are we so frightened by the new boldness that is Miley Cyrus? The answer is because it is her choice. She is in control of her sexuality. She is in control of her body. She is radiating confidence, as opposed to being a submissive female who lets herself be dominated by men. Her music video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ features Cyrus nude. This raised some serious issues with stunned viewers thinking, “what happened to my daughter’s role model?” Nobody seems to raise issue with the fact that many big-name male stars have featured female nudity in their videos. The difference? The men are in control. Society is terrified by a woman in charge.

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