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One thing I really appreciate about being in a poly relationship is being able to cry about an ex-(or even current)-partner to a current partner with little to no worry that they’ll end up resenting you for it

It’s so much easier in a poly relationship to say “I loved him so much and this hurts so bad” and have that person understand that you still love them just as much, if not more, and that there’s no reason you can’t feel both feelings at once

I think this is one thing I just don’t understand about mono-romantic culture and the whole like “never talk to your partner about exes, and especially never tell them you still love them” because like… of course I love you but I also love(d) this person and why can’t more people understand that

I’m at least glad I finally found people who make what I’m feeling valid and okay, and listen and affirm without resenting me for it. So, for that, thank you and I love you.

Sometimes I totally feel the same way and other times I’m totally fucking convinced that talking to partners about exes or other partners in this way (as opposed to just in the “yeah that happened” way) makes me a terrible person.

I just can’t seem to deprogram that response.

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    I totally understand that. I really wish mono culture hadn’t so heavily engrained that in; I often feel the same way....
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    I agree, I think it can be a really toxic mindset to be resentful of past partners. I remember my first boyfriend was...
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    Sometimes I totally feel the same way and other times I’m totally fucking convinced that talking to partners about exes...

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