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I think evolutionary psychology is very important, and it's the case that what we say is evolutionary psychology is simply wrong. For example, it's simply wrong that men naturally rape. Violence is not an inherent trait in our species. It's simply not true that men are violent /because/ of evolution. A lot of ppl believe that "animals rape" and there's "rape in nature" but the truth is that rape is completely unnatural. It's the opposite of survival. Rape blocks evolution.

I don’t actually know much about the subject of animal rape. A lot of what seems to go on based on museum exhibits and documentaries seems pretty rape-like to me, but this is really not my field.

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    So TW:animal sexual behavior because sometimes that can be a bit unpleasant to humans. Also this is long, as is typical...
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    Uh… lots of animals rape. Several species of duck have evolved genitalia specifically to facilitate (on the male side)...
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