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This seems like a good time to mention that, when a friend says that they’ve made progress on a mental health issue, it is generally inappropriate to criticize their progress as Insufficiently…

What do you think the appropriate actions should be if the person’s methods of treatment are legitimately harmful or self destructive? Or if their mental health practitioner is engaging in seriously detrimental practices which may only wind up causing worse harm? Should I avoid commenting unless I have an educated, or sought after, opinion? Are there situations where a comment may be beneficial to improving that person’s current condition, or would it be wiser to let that person do what they think is best without comment?

Obviously I probably wouldn’t comment either way, I’m totally uneducated in any field of mental health. I wouldn’t be qualified, or even wise to do so if I were, to decide whether or not someone HAS actually made progress. I would just be concerned if their condition would be worsening under terrible or ineffective treatment.

If it’s someone you know very well, you could message them privately and say that you’re really glad that they’re seeking treatment, but that you’re worried about them because the treatment they’re doing is potentially harmful. Then link them to a helpful, nonjudgmental source about why it’s harmful.

If you don’t know them very well, then, I’m sorry to say, it’s none of your business. The best thing we can do is attack predatory practitioners and harmful ideas rather than individual people who are desperate and just trying to find a treatment that works. We can advocate for better practitioner licensing standards, laws that criminalize abusive and/or dangerous treatments (such as gay conversation therapy), better education about psychology and mental health, better insurance coverage, etc. None of that means we need to debate and put down an individual who chooses a treatment that’s known to be harmful.

But honestly, in the OP I wasn’t talking about situations like these and I’d rather not get derailed talking about them. The vast majority of the time I see this happen, all the person’s said is something like, “Going to church helps me feel that someone’s looking out for me and my suffering isn’t for nothing,” or “Yoga calms me down when I’m starting to get anxious again,” or what have you. And I see skeptics/atheists aggressively, pointlessly going after these people all the time.

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