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my actual writing, if you're curious

Here is my wish for 2014: to read and watch stories peopled with a wider range of eccentric, complicated, interesting women than I’ve seen thus far. Give me a broader definition of female beauty – one that acknowledges different body types, a full spectrum of skin tones, non-saccharine personalities and which isn’t wholly cisgendered or able-bodied. Give me women who love themselves regardless of whether anyone else does; give me women whose partners – be they male or female or genderqueer – are attracted to self-esteem, rather than seeking to supply it to a series of shrinking violets. Give me women who own their sexuality without being cast as villains, and women whose sexuality has nothing to do with the narrative whatsoever. Give me eccentric women whose quirkiness isn’t just a cutsey gimmick boiled down to the lowest white male hipster-attracting denominator; give me women who are difficult and prickly and non-neurotypical and awkward and passionate, women whose flaws aren’t presented as obstacles to be overcome or circumvented, but as valid, important parts of their personalities. Give me women who can withstand criticism while learning from it – or failing to learn, or refusing to learn – and women who can dish it out, too.

Give me women who aren’t defined by beauty. Give me some men who are. Give me women who wear their scars proudly, women who’ve never been broken, women who are phoenixes and werewolves and ravening sirens. Give me women who are monstrous, and women who fight monsters. Give me women with sharpened teeth, and women who kill with kindness. Give me the women you fear to see, and the women you fear you’ll become. Give me women who save the prince, and women who disband the monarchy.

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed.

Something true.

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