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When my depression was acute I hated the idea of “positive thinking” with a passion because everyone was always demanding that I do it to get magically cured. Now that I’m a lot better, I still don’t think positive thinking can really stop depression, but it can, at least for me, keep it at bay once it’s mostly gone.

People used to tell me I was “negative” and had a “bad attitude” not just because I was depressed, but because I liked to critique things and point out problems. I still like to do that, but nowadays I also appreciate the value of appreciating things. I need both in my life—the rush of intellectual energy that comes from writing a piece that blows an argument or idea to bits, but also the warm fuzzy feeling of savoring something I love or being kind to someone.

Negativity is really easy to do. It’s really easy to comment “lol I hate that song” when someone posts a song they love or “that game’s so boring I’ve never liked it” when someone posts about a game they like. It’s harder to criticize the song or the game in a productive and interesting way, and harder still, for some people, to realize that not everything you think needs to be put out into the world where it can ruin other people’s moods, which they may have to put a lot of effort into maintaining.

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