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Things Tumblr Feminists Might Want To Stop Doing…



Saying if a man is forced to have sex with a women, then it wasn’t rape, because if he didn’t want it, he couldn’t have gotten an erection! (Bonus points for saying its a product of patriarchy!)

This is a stupid and banal as saying that if a women becomes wet/orgasms during rape, then she obviously wanted it.

Tumblr feminists, dat logic.

there is not a single tumblr feminist that says this, get your facts straight.

Citations massively needed. The only people I ever see suggesting that there’s some way men can “ask” to be raped or “can’t” really be raped are the same people who say that shit about women. i.e. not feminists, but gross reactionary victim blamers.

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    this same kind of mentality is like saying if a woman orgasms during rape she must have wanted it, thus making it...
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    Because I’m insecure yet highly egotistical.
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    So I just went to this guy’s page for funsies And it says “rational musing” Like, why is it that almost every asshole...
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    Yeah, I’ve also never heard a tumblr feminist say that. Feminists tend to know better. I have heard this in real life...
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    Actually, the current legal definition of ‘rape’ for men does not include being forced to penetrate another person. I...
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