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"Kill Everyone in China"


The recent video I blogged about has a smattering of news articles, and if you do your research, you’ll notice an odd pattern. Most of the articles are short, lack analysis, and more or less state the same thing.

Anti-racism against the Chinese community isn’t seen as “hip” by the social justice community, because we are supposedly higher on the gradient of privilege. We are harder to talk about. We are harder to take seriously. No matter how often social justice advocates say that treating oppression as hierarchical is inferior to treating it as intersectional, there will always be the feeling that somehow Asians are not truly threatened by racism.

The reason the news articles are so monotone is that by and large, they are translations of Chinese news, such as this article posted on Sinovision, a news site for Chinese-Americans. If you read Chinese, you’ll realize that about half of the English commentary about the article is just a translation of the Sinovision one.

We don’t have large representation in the media or even the blogosphere. The few articles about the Asian demographic are cautious, non-radical, and generally kept quiet. There is an unspoken belief that we have “Asian Privilege”, and that an equivalent racist event is far more outrageous if it happens to a non-Asian minority group.

The “Kill Everyone in China” comment is the exact same rhetoric used to propagate hate crimes and racial crimes everywhere, and the fact that there is no backlash against it is appalling. The fact that perhaps the lack of backlash is just because we as a community don’t know what avenues to seek is downright horrifying. 

Because lots of Chinese still have the “just keep your head down and don’t rock the boat” mentality.

Note: I added the link to the post with the video in the first sentence.

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    Note: I added the link to the post with the video in the first sentence.
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