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What do you say to people who say 'learn what protection is or don't have sex, simple.'?


I’d say… 

Simple? Yes, you’re over simplifying it.

1. Where are the resources for everyone to ~learn protection~? Do they actually know where they can learn accurate information on pregnancy prevention? There are still people who don’t have internet connections, or don’t know where to find accurate information. There are many states and countries where sex ed is full of lies, misinformation, omissions, or just plain doesn’t exist.

2. Protection isn’t accessible for everyone. Minors may have a hard time getting protection especially. In a lot of states a minor needs parental consent before obtaining a prescription for HBC. Lack of reliable transportation, funds, childcare, time, clinics, etc. Can make getting protection hard or impossible. Affordable types of protection may not be able to be used by some people. Condoms can trigger yeast infections for some people and HBC may not be safe for some people for example. 

3. Telling people to abstain from sex is ridiculous and ineffective. We’ve been doing that for the last few hundred years and we haven’t gotten anywhere with reducing unplanned pregnancies. One of our strongest urges is to have sex, and some experts have placed it as a psychological need. 

Seconding all this and would also emphasize:

Many kids and teens aren’t simply not given information about birth control; they’re given inaccurate information. Like that condoms don’t work anyway. Like that pulling out works. In our culture we emphasize trust and respect of authority. Why would children who’ve been told one thing by adults their whole lives think to question it?

Blaming people who get pregnant accidentally for not knowing how not to is ridiculously misguided.

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