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I’ve seen a few responses to my post about not telling survivors to go to the police that basically boil down to this: “Avoiding the system won’t fix it. How are we supposed to make harassment/assault prosecution better if we’re just telling people not to pursue it?”

Okay, here are some questions in response, then.

Why is it the responsibility of survivors to personally spend their time, energy, and resources making “the system” better?

How is it just to expect people who may have already suffered tremendously and been traumatized to face FURTHER possible suffering and traumatization in order to selflessly make things better for others?

How does choosing to go to the police magically make the police better at responding to survivors and their needs, and better at ignoring what they’ve been taught their whole lives about the faultlessness of rapists?

Why don’t people who are NOT survivors take up this fight, rather than demanding that survivors take it up whether or not they want to or feel able to?

To clarify, I absolutely fucking 100% support any survivor who wants to go to the police, to press charges, to go to court, to do whatever they want or need to do. And any survivor who becomes an activist against sexual harassment and assault is a fucking hero. But that ~does not mean~ anybody has the right to EXPECT this of them. See the difference?

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    songbird: A+ response. No-one should expect martyrdom of people who’s suffered.
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