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The quandry experienced by mentally ill people in a society that hates us no matter what we do can be acute. We’re bad if we take medications: We should just try yoga, deep breathing, meditation, a vegetarian diet, something else, something natural, we should just try harder, everyone has bad days sometimes, it’s not that big a deal if you feel sad/angry/edgy sometimes. We’re bad if we go to therapy: We can’t think independently, we’re letting someone with a meaningless degree tell us what to do, we’re wasting money on pointless therapy appointments.

But if we don’t ‘control’ our mental health conditions, then we’re bad. We’re acting ‘crazy’ and people can’t trust us. We’re not dating material, we can’t be trusted to look after children, we can’t be allowed in the workplace, we’re not welcome in social circles, our communities will shove us to the fringes because we can’t be full members of society. Not when we’re all crazy, and especially when we’re ‘off our meds,’ acting ‘insane,’ being ‘batshit.’ When we reach out for help because we’re struggling, you’ll stick us in institutions or shoot us, because we’re crazy, and we don’t have any social value.

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