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Some men feel a lot of resentment towards sex workers controlling their access to us, and they have anger towards us for requiring compensation for what they feel entitled to for free. They use our services, but they’re so bitter about it. I feel that this resentment and anger is is the basis for a lot of the violence that sex workers experience at the hands of their clients.


#ThisIsMyBookstore, what’s yours?

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Here is mine! Welcome to the Strand in New York City. :) 

It has 18 miles of books, and it was, I believe, the first used bookstore I ever saw, on a trip with my parents when I was little and lived in Ohio. (My hometown has since acquired at least one used bookstore, hehe.) 

There were a lot of things that made me fall in love with New York, but this was definitely one of them. I’ve taken dates there, cried there, dropped an unreasonable amount of money there, found some of what became my favorite books there.

Now that I live in the city, I still visit pretty often.

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Every girl or once-was-girl has a show that would be best for her. In Girls we finally have a television show about girls who are awkward and say terribly inappropriate things, are ill equipped to set boundaries for themselves and have no idea who they’re going to be in a few years. We have so many expectations for this show because Girls is a significant shift in what we normally see about girls and women. While critics, in their lavish attention, have said Dunham’s show is speaking to an entire generation of girls, there are many of us who recognize that the show is only speaking to a narrow demographic within a generation.

Maybe the narrowness of Girls is fine. Maybe it’s also fine that Dunham’s vision of coming-of-age is limited to the kinds of girls she knows. Maybe, though, Dunham is the product of the artistic culture that created her—one that is largely myopic and unwilling to think about diversity critically.
— Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist
Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses—pretty but designed to SLOW women down.
— Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist

Oh, it’s blasphemy day? Here’s something many people seem to find more blasphemous than atheism: there is systematic, large-scale inequality in our world that privileges some people over others based on which social category they’re placed into, and it manifests itself in “big” ways like violence and government-enforced persecution and in “small” ways like stereotypes and microaggessions. And it is driven by subtle biases that all of us have to some extent and are often unaware of.

P.S. In case it wasn’t obvious: atheists facing persecution in theocratic states are absolutely included here. When you think in terms of bias, prejudice, and privilege rather than RELIGION IS BAD, a lot more things are explained.

There is no such thing as a “minor” sexual assault. Sexual assault is a violation of a person, regardless of what body part is violated. It’s all a big. fucking. deal. And downplaying any form of it is the part of rape culture that allows it to keep happening. “Oh, brush it off. He just grabbed your ass on the train for, like, a second. And you’ll never see him again and it didn’t hurt, so just get over it.” My friend that posted the original link made this comment, which I think pretty much covers it: “I do not believe there is such a thing as a “minor” sexual assault. Attempting to qualify sexual assault based on which body parts are involved is arguably dehumanizing. It reduces victims to a pile of body parts which are off limits to varying degrees, rather than all being equally off limits because they belong to someone else.”

It’s like when people try to tell me that catcalling and rape are not even close to related when I say that both are forms of gender-based violence. While they may be at different ends of a spectrum of violence, they are two sides of the same coin. Because the same kind of entitled thinking that causes a man to not take no for an answer when a woman won’t give him her number or engage him in conversation in a bar is the same entitled thinking that causes that man to not take no for an answer when he’s behind closed doors with a woman. When we allow sexual violence in the form of public groping or catcalling to go unchecked, we allow larger violations to happen in private. You cannot separate these forms of sexual violence from each other, because they stem from the same place. And violations and assaults that happen in public can be equally traumatizing as the ones that happen in private. People who experience street harassment report feeling scared, unsafe, or anxious about leaving the house alone. That doesn’t seem “minor” to me.

Yes, I have a naked pic—and I'm not ashamed of it

This is a good article, but this is really the sort of thing that would’ve been better written by a woman. Of course, as a woman, I cannot write a piece like this under my real name without potentially facing serious consequences, and that’s exactly the whole problem.

Established in 2014, the FIRST (AND PROBABLY LAST) ANNUAL NEW YORK FELINE FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL FOR HUMANS (ESPECIALLY KIDS) has all of the elements of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, but with one distinct advantage over its storied predecessors: we show CAT VIDEOS (and kids are invited)! Your hosts Mike Keegan and Jay Wertzler guide you through a tabby 90-minute CAT-tacular featuring A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAT VIDEOS, WORLD PURR-MIERES, and an EMERGING VISIONS category full of the best sloth and otter videos a kid could want. Plus, we want your cat videos! Our robust NEW DIRECTORS’ NEW FILMS section wants to play YOUR cat video on the big screen (submit here)! Prove once and for all to your best friends, worst bullies, and fellow cat-lovers that YOUR feline is the coolest cat in the Five Boroughs! Maximum cat-isfaction at a family-friendly price point!
Drive men and women and people who identify as gender neutral absolutely wild by paying attention to them and what they’re enjoying, like they’re an individual you are attracted to.
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